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Lakers School is proud to be a part of the Governments Cadet Expansion Program (CEP) as this enables us to offer great opportunities to the young people in our school community. The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) not only enables cadets to develop personal and team skills but offers great opportunities for additional vocational qualifications and life experiences.

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The tradition of cadet units in school goes back 150 years to 1860 and ever since it was formed in 1948, the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) has been recognised as a first class, extra curricula activity for the development of young people, and particularly to provide an exciting opportunity for teenage cadets to exercise responsibility and leadership in a disciplined environment.

Today over 260 schools, in all parts of the United Kingdom, belong to this vibrant, inclusive youth movement, with units (or contingents as they are known) to be found in all kinds of State funded and independent secondary schools and colleges. Children join between the ages of 13 and 18 and quickly discover adventure, excitement and challenge through tried and tested developmental opportunities within a unique educational partnership between the participating school and the Ministry of Defence.

Through structured, military themed and adventurous activities, cadets take responsibility and develop the qualities of self-reliance, resourcefulness, endurance, perseverance and a clear understanding of service to their country and their community. These are personal qualities which will remain of value throughout the cadets’ lives and will undoubtedly assist in the early stages of their chose careers.

A CCF contingent may comprise up to three Service sections from the Royal Navy, including Royal Marine cadets, the Army and the Royal Air Force. The CCF is proud to promote the traditions and values of each of the Armed Forces whose uniform they wear; however, neither cadets nor the CCF’s volunteer officers incur any liability for service or compulsory training in the Armed Forces as a result of belonging to the CCF.

Each school contingent is led by a team of enthusiastic volunteer officers drawn from staff within the school, although outside volunteers are also plentiful. Adult volunteers have the opportunity to gain nationally-recognised qualifications in leadership, management and outdoor pursuits. Cadet training takes place during weekly parades in school and this is supplemented with frequent whole-day and weekend training field days, annual camps and courses run by the Armed Forces, specifically for the cadets. Some schools provide the opportunity to gain diploma qualifications in Public Services and Music, and cadets can also use their CCF training to contribute to their Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

The strength of the CCF lies in the educational partnership between the MoD and the participating schools. A school cannot run a successful CCF contingent without the full support of the Governing Body and the Head. In return for the school’s commitment, the MoD provides plenty of support in the form of training expertise, equipment and access to military training areas, camps and courses.

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