Year 9 Rounders Team Dominate Wyedean

The year 9 girls travelled to Wyedean full of confidence after last years successful rounders season.


They certainly didn’t disappoint. In the field they demonstrated tactical awareness and accuracy, keeping all of the batters at bay. A superb triangle formation saw any miss hit punished with a stump out at first base. With the bat, Lakers hit with power, finding the spaces and they used the field to their advantage, keeping their opposition on their toes. An excellent all round performance from the whole team which Lakers dominated from the outset. A superb start to what looks like another top season for these Lakers girls.

Final Score: Lakers 15 1/2 – 8 Wyedean
Team: Leah Teague, Megan harris, Jenna Skidmore, Kiera Evans, Lauren Wilce, Charlotte Gwynne, Mackenna Brace, Selbe Hopkin-Creed, Immie Annis.

Teachers Player: Jenna Skidmore