Free School Meals Made Easy

If you are already registered for a free school meal – cashless catering has made this easier.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you just need your PIN number (or biometric system from September- please see ‘Free School Meals Made Easy’ and ‘Lakers Payment System’ under ParentPay for more details).

When you go to the canteen, select your food and enter your PIN number (fingerprint scan from September) at the till.

Payment goes through like any other – other students cannot see that it is a free school meal.

There is an allowance of £2.20 per day, which can be spent at break, lunch time or some at each.

Please select a full lunch or healthy snack and drink.

You also get a FREE breakfast every day – one item of food and a drink.

If you would like more information, please see Mrs Davis, Finance.

If you are entitled to a free school meal and need to register, please see Mrs Evans in the front office or click on the following link:

More good news: the school will receive additional money towards the education of students on free school meals – even if you don’t take one!