Get To The Chopper!!!

This year’s Prom was another success with students arriving in all forms of transport, from helicopters to vintage cars and Bentleys to tanks, camper vans and stretch limos. The Prom was held at Speech House Hotel and as always was overwhelmingly supported by parents, grandparents and other members of our close community. This year’s fundraising by the Prom Committee allowed us to cover the cost of the subsidised tickets, (reduced ticket price for all students) as well as donate money to charity. This year the Prom Committee bought favours for the table names which raised £120, this went towards CLIC Sargent. Additionally, the Prom Committee was able to donate another £1000 to the Children’s Opportunity Centre in Coleford. This gave a total of £1,120 in donations from this years Prom Committee.

This is the second time that our Prom Committee have donated to the Children’s Opportunity Centre as we believe that it does great work in our local community. The Opportunity Centre have secured a grant that will allow them to upgrade their toilets and washroom facilities during the summer holidays. The money from Lakers School will help support this project. This project will help to accommodate their increasing numbers and it will also aid children with disabilities who require a hoist in the toilets and washroom facilities.

I would like to thank everyone who was involved in making this year’s Prom another success… students, staff, parents/carers all came together to provide a truly memorable evening. I would also like to thank the community for their support with our fundraising efforts.

Mr Hayward Year 11 Lead