Lakers Suffer Last Innings Shocker!

The Year 8 boys softball team hosted Wyedean last week and enjoyed six innings of nip and tuck softball.  Sadly the seventh was not so lucky for the hosts and ultimately won the game for the visitors.

Lakers and Wyedean both found the going tough with the bat, neither side really able to clear the diamond; meaning scoring plays were few and far between.  With the score at 2-1 to the visitors after 3 innings – we made the decision to bring in the batting tee.  The visitors adapted to the change far better and extended their lead to 3-1, Lakers battled and managed to rally to narrow the gap to 1 point.

Then came the seventh and final innings, after a low scoring first 6 innings the game exploded with Wyedean suddenly finding some form.  They scored a whopping 6 runs and took their total to 9-1.  Lakers went into bat needing everyone to score, this was a huge ask and one we never managed to achieve.

Despite the defeat, we took some positives and were able to identify where and when the game slipped away from us.

Team: G.Walker, J.Harris, L.Harris, N.Howells, C.Brace, C.Mills, T.Elsmore, N.Marsh, J.Richards, K.Skidmore.