Year 7 Win District Rounders Title

On Thursday 25th June we travelled to Wyedean for the Year 7 District Tournament.

Our opening game was against Dean Academy, in which we were batting first. With the game being the best of only 1 innings, we had to make sure that we went out strong. The girls did not disappoint! With some fantastic hits from Brianna Powles and Tia Watts, the team worked hard and took risks on the final balls to secure extra ½ rounders to close their batting innings on 8 rounders. As we headed out to field, we knew we had a strong score, but needed fielding to be tight and avoid silly mistakes to prevent Dean Academy form making a comeback. The girls settled well into their fielding roles and despite some good hits from the opposition, Emilie Wood was able to make excellent throws into 4th base, to Maisie Beach, to prevent the rounders. In this opening game Lakers took the win 8 – 6½.

In the next game we faced Wyedean. Again we made some excellent hits and accumulated a lot of half rounders, with full rounders scored by Maisie Beach and Megan Cotton. This gave us a total of 7½ rounders. The girls were just as impressive with their fielding as they were in the first game. Tia Watts made some excellent catches and then Brianna Powles and Kayleigh Edwards worked hard to cover 2nd base. With fielding being really tight and with accurate throws and secure hands on bases, we also won this game with a final score of 7½ – 4.

With only three schools involved in the District Tournament, Lakers were crowned Champions! This was thoroughly deserved, the girls demonstrated outstanding skills and games understanding and one of the other schools teacher, commented on how excellent the girls played. Thanks to Jenna Skidmore and Mackenna Brace who came as coaches and helped with scoring.

Players Player – Emilie Wood
Teachers Player – Brianna Powles and Maisie Beach

Team: (Leaders) Mackenna Brace, Jenna Skidmore (Back row) Kayleigh Edwards, Fran Raymond, Amy Jenkins, Maisie Beach, Izzy Sykes (Front row) Emilie Wood, Megan Cotton, Tia Watts, Brianna Powles, Georgia Cole