Gloucester School Games 2015 – Softball

Lakers Year 10 qualified for this event after beating various local rivals within the Forest.

Six other schools from all across the county attended after similarly beating teams within their Districts. It was a full day of Softball due to the amount of games. Lakers’ first game was against Archway from Stroud- Archway bat first scoring an impressive 14 runs, this was helped by some poor fielding in slippery conditions from Lakers. Lakers went on to score just 11- losing their first game. Lakers learned from this and bounced back to convincingly win their next two games convincingly. Lakers comfortably beat Gloucester Academy 15-8 and Cheltenham Bourneside 14-10. Three games in Lakers were looking good until a close loss to the combined Marling School and Stroud High for Girls knocked their confidence. Dene Magna then went on to capitalise on Lakers low confidence in the following game beating Lakers 14-9. With Lakers now on 2 wins and 3 losses and one game left, there was still a chance of a Bronze medal if they were to beat Chosen Hill from Gloucester. Lakers regained composure and went on to win with ease 15-8. Due to other results Lakers unfortunately ended up finishing 4th out of 7, missing out on a Bronze medal by one point.

All in all a great day, Lakers students did us proud showing great sportsmanship throughout. There were some great individual performances- Robyn Marsh bowled superbly, Jamie Mee was outstanding at fourth base and also batted beautifully. Wendy Kear played consistently well on third base and tagged many opponents out. Declan Fissenden also batted well- one of his hits is still yet to land.

In the time between games Lakers had a look at the facilities available at Hartpury and took advantage of Zorb Football and face-painting!!!!

Squad: Declan Fissenden/Kayla Reddan/Cleo Hobbs/Kane Evans/Jamie Mee/Robyn Marsh/Rohan Parry/Megan Creed/Joe Madley/Megan Harris/Thomas Harrison/Wendy Kear